Mountain Top Express – Cascade Mountain, WI

This lift was the very first detachable built in Wisconsin.
Loading area.
Riding up the lower part of the line.
View back down.
Arriving at the return terminal.
Unloading ramp.
Short Doppelmayr Spacejet terminal.
View from the summit.
Upper part of the line.
The steepest part of the line.
Tower 1 immediately next to the bottom station.
Side view of the drive terminal.
Riding up the line.
Another view of the top.
Doppelmayr Worldbook entry.

One thought on “Mountain Top Express – Cascade Mountain, WI

  1. icedinosaur360 January 29, 2022 / 5:19 pm

    I remember the stations being red, I wonder why they repainted the terminals (maybe they did I don’t quite remember if it was red)


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