Mt. La Crosse, WI

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2 thoughts on “Mt. La Crosse, WI

  1. Bode Nesler March 22, 2022 / 9:23 am

    Spotlight/Applebottom chairlifts were relocated from Birch Park/Snowcrest ski areas when they closed. There’s plenty of pictures on the “I skied Birch Park/Snowcrest” Facebook page. Applebottom used to have red/white/blue towers with brown chairs; Spotlight had white towers with red chairs. Unknown dates on removal/installation.


  2. Bode Nesler August 21, 2022 / 7:38 pm

    My original comment was mostly wrong, so here’s what I think is correct now

    1950’s – Poma lift roughly in the alignment of the current Spotlight lift, ending below the sandstone outcropping. Rope tow going up
    Thunderation to the top of Log House start powered by a farm tractor
    1967 – Spotlight lift installed, absent from the SAM lift installation survey and is lacking the Hall plaque at the bottom. I assume it was installed new but it could have been intended for a different ski area. Birch Park or Snowcrest had a very similar Hall lift that was removed but the years don’t quite match up.
    1972 – Mountaintop lift installed
    1989 – Applebottom lift installed, relocated from Birch Park, Wi. There’s pictures on their facebook page of a few different Hall lifts that match the age of Applebottom. The towers on the breakover are much taller than needed on account of this relocation. The lift was originally installed in 1971, with brown chairs along with red, white, and blue towers.

    The lifts have been red, black, and the current green.


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