Mt. Mansfield Triple – Snow Trails, OH

This Thiokol lift services the summit along with a double of the same name.
These pictures were taken just after the lift received new tower heads from Skytrac.
Riding up the line.
Tower 6.
Unloading ramp.
Top terminal and breakover towers.
View down from the summit.
Tower 1 and the bottom terminal.

3 thoughts on “Mt. Mansfield Triple – Snow Trails, OH

  1. julestheshiba February 6, 2021 / 9:58 pm

    Looks like skytrac replaced the tower heads on two Thiokol lifts the past year.


  2. Detroit Skier January 17, 2022 / 8:45 am

    Snow Trails built an additional lodge building right behind this lift in 2021. As a result, the trees where the counterweight was hidden had to be removed to make room (and the counterweight itself), and the tensioning system was converted to hydraulic in the bottom terminal, presumably by SkyTrac since they were already replacing tower heads and sheave trains on Alpine, but that is unconfirmed (they don’t list any of the Snow Trails work on their website).


    • Skier April 5, 2022 / 11:33 am

      Sky Trac did design the new hydronic tensioning system. It will have to be re-adjusted this summer due to some issues.


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