Platter – Blizzard Mountain, ID

This lift was manufactured in 1950 for Beaver Mountain, UT and moved to Idaho circa 1962.
The lift is powered by propane.
Lift line view.
Unique platter carriers without traditional spring boxes.
Tower 5 fell over but is not strictly necessary.  Repairs are currently being explored as of 2017.
Lower part of the lift line with the lodge below.  It is a relocated schoolhouse.
Steep upper section of the line.
Top station with wood supports and counterweight.
Tower 12 and top operator house.
Top station overview.
Lift line with Craters of the Moon behind.
Unloading area.
Base area.  The entire operation is run by volunteers from the Arco Lions Club.
Another lift line shot.
Internal combustion engine.
Retired platters.
View from the road.
Upper section of the line.  Note the fallen tower 5.
The breakover seen from Craters of the Moon National Monument.

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