Shelter – Caberfae Peaks, MI

This was the last remaining Hall lift at Caberfae after 2016.
Drive station on a track.
Nearing the top terminal.
Upper terminal next to the old Clubhouse top terminal.
View down the lift line.
Lower lift line.

2 thoughts on “Shelter – Caberfae Peaks, MI

  1. hillorstream September 25, 2021 / 10:23 am

    They put a lot of work into this lift over the summer. I watched via their webcam as they swapped out many chairs for ones they had reconditioned. Hope they aren’t going to put off the planned replacement. I hoped to see work on footings and the clearing of a few trees for the new lift as they did footings for the last triple a year in advance of construction. Caberfae has a high standard for lift maintenance, probably because of their minimalist approach to the number of lifts, they realize a major failure of any one lift could cripple the place, probably why they kept two lifts on North Peak instead of putting in a 6pack. Plus that CTEC quad is a beast, would cost a lot just to pull it out.


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