Silver Queen Express – Crested Butte, CO

The Silver Queen was the first detachable quad at Crested Butte when it debuted.
The bottom station has tensioning but not the drive.
View up the lift line from T3.
This is really the flagship of the mountain, travelling nearly top to bottom.
Riding up the line.
View down at T8.
The Queen is almost 8,000 feet long.
View back at T17.
Looking up at tower 18.
View back down the impressive lift line.
Looking up at the lift from Westwall’s top station.
Drive station.
Lift overview.
Arriving at the summit.
Top station overview.

2 thoughts on “Silver Queen Express – Crested Butte, CO

  1. Donald M. Reif February 21, 2019 / 10:37 am

    I always have considered this to be one of the most impressive profiles of any lift I’ve ridden. I feel like the lift can be divided into three parts: a lower part which travels through the aspen trees as you cross the beginner and intermediate trails of the lower mountain. Then in the middle part, you enter rockier terrain where the aspens give way to evergreens and pines. Then you hit the steep upper segment, which feels so different from the lower part.

    Here’s a good video that I made of the lift seven years ago:


  2. Collin Parsons February 21, 2019 / 3:06 pm

    Does this lift ever operate at 1100 feet per minute in normal operation?


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