Sky Ride – Casino Pier, NJ

This Partek sky ride services the beach in front of Seaside Heights Boardwalk.
Chairs are grouped by color.
Most of the surrounding structures were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy but the chairlift survived.
The beach used to go right up past the chairlift but dunes were built to protect the town from storms.
Tower 10.
View south.
Galvanized return terminal.
Lift line overview.
Tower 11.
The northern end of the lift.
Over the dunes.
The southern end of the lift.
Chairs go over the beach headquarters and restrooms.
The lift starts at Casino Pier, a small amusement park.
Motor room and loading area.
Counterweight tensioning.

One thought on “Sky Ride – Casino Pier, NJ

  1. julestheshiba February 27, 2020 / 10:57 pm

    This lift really seems to look more like a Borvig later modified by Partek, it has counterweight tension ans Borvig chairs.


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