Sky Ride – Great Escape, NY

This short Hopkins skyride operates as a round trip ride near the park entrance.
There are 30 carriers total for two people each.
This part of the line crosses over a waterway.
The loading station building.
A carrier rounds the drive bullwheel.
Tower 3.
Every rider goes around the bullwheel and the lift operates very slowly.
Riding back to the load station.
Tower 3.
Loading and unloading areas.
The entire lift line.
Tower 1.
View down the lift line.
The turnaround.

2 thoughts on “Sky Ride – Great Escape, NY

  1. icefaceny October 11, 2020 / 12:54 pm

    Not sure why this is listed as a triple, first picture’s description (and the rest of the photos) indicate that it is in fact a double.


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