Sky Ride – Lagoon, UT

This Hopkins lift was added to Lagoon in 1974, when the park was already over a century old.
Tower 1 at the north end.
The auxiliary hydrostatic drive is located in the center of this photo.
Tower 2.
The lift gets quite high above ground.
A Sky Ride carrier.
Tower 5.
Starting down at T6.
Fixed return bullwheel at the south end.
Loading area at the return terminal.
I’m not sure this lift has a tensioning system, unless this entire setup is on rails that are covered up.
The drive system and a transformer.
View south from the drive terminal.
Tower 4 along the Midway.



One thought on “Sky Ride – Lagoon, UT

  1. Ryan November 2, 2018 / 5:39 pm

    Thanks for putting this up, Peter. This ride and Lagoon brings back many wonderful memories when I was a boy and grew up there at the park and in Farmington.


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