Sky Ride – Minnesota State Fair, MN

This VonRoll gondola opened in 1964 and operates only 12 days a year.
It is immaculately cared for.
Maze area.
Tower 3.
The east station.
This is the return terminal.
Side view of the ropeway equipment.
The last tower.
Station building.
Middle part of the lift line.
Fully enclosed Gangloff cabin.
Generator at the return station.
Tensioning system.
VonRoll badge.
One of five cabin parking rails.
The drive station.
Turnaround area.
There are three parking rows in the drive terminal building.
The west terminal entrance.
Drive station building.
Tower 1.
The first tower.
Another view of tower 3.
Lift line with cabins.
View down the line.
There are many different colors of cabins.
Sheave assemblies on T3.
VonRoll signage.
Cabins at tower 1.
Drive equipment and controls.
Maintenance carrier.
Cabin plaques.
Riding along the line.
Tower 6.

2 thoughts on “Sky Ride – Minnesota State Fair, MN

  1. Skiz August 25, 2019 / 2:58 pm

    One of two midwest gondolas


    • Random skier September 28, 2019 / 8:48 am

      I thought lutsen had the only gondola


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