Skyeship Stage II – Killington, VT

Stage two of Skyeship reaches close to Killington Peak but not quite there.
Unloading area at the return terminal.
An early CWA Omega cabin with upgraded ski racks.
Breakover towers.
Top station side view.
Turnaround area.
Poma of America control pedestal.
View down from the summit. You can see the flat section of Stage I below.
Top few towers.
View down the upper lift line.
Middle station, where cabins can be set to interline between stage.
Lift line.
Integrated sheaves at the bottom terminal.
There are two sets of two rails each that transfer cabins between the parking facility and stages.
Connections between stages I and II.
Upper stage overview.
The turn.
Mid terminal overview.
Cabins turning around at the bottom.
Lower part of the upper stage.
Mid-station seen from above with parking building.
Another look down the line.
Lift line.

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