Skyfari – San Diego Zoo, CA

The Skyfari provides trips across the zoo from west to east or vice versa. The drive terminal is near the zoo entrance.
The return terminal on the west side of the zoo houses cabin parking and tensioning.
Inside Skyfari West.
View east from the return station.
Rides are always one way.
A cabin enters the station.
Return bullwheel and cabins waiting to launch.
Cabin parking rails.
Newer Doppelmayr controls at the return station.
View from the tension bullwheel.
Leaving Skyfari West.
Tower 4.
There is a big span between 3 and 4 where cabins get 18 stories above ground.
Tower 3.
Closeup of sheave assemblies.
Tower 2.
A cabin flies over the zoo.
Arriving at Skyfari East.
Electric motor and auxiliary engine.
Departure side of the drive.
A gondola leaves Skyfari East.
Automated launch device.
Doppelmayr controls at the drive.
Skyfari East turnaround.
Cabins on the line.
Overview of the return terminal.
The highest part of the lift line.
Tower 3.
Side view of T1.

2 thoughts on “Skyfari – San Diego Zoo, CA

  1. Duncan N. January 9, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Do the cars have to be manually moved in the stations?


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