Skyride – Washington State Fair, WA

This VonRoll originally operated in Seattle at the 1962 World’s Fair alongside a brand new Space Needle.
At the fair, the southern station is painted red while the northern end is blue.
Enclosed cabins seat up to three on a sideways bench facing out.
The return station with counterweight tension system.
Each station has lots of cabin parking as all carriers aren’t often in use.
This lift only operates a few weeks each Fall.
Cabin, hanger and grip at the drive terminal.
Tower 1.
Saddles at the North terminus.
Station overview.
Three of the four towers.
Side view of the drive station.
Electric motor and auxiliary diesel underneath the bullwheel.
Sheave trains on tower 1.
Side view of a tower and cabin.
Tower 3.
Carriers parked at the return.
Another view of a tower.
Looking up at T3.
Cabins passing on a lightly loaded line.
Tower 1.
Crossing the midway rides.
Two of the only permanent rides at the Washington State Fair.

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