Skyway B – Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ

Drive terminal departure area.
Station inside the western terminal building.
Cabin parking area.
Maze area.
Tower shared between the two lifts.
Very tall tower.
Tower with one line in use.
Leaving the return station.
Three of six main towers.
Riding along the line.
The gondolas cross most of the park, which is among the largest amusement facilities in the US.
Tower 2.
These are not the original cabins.
Cabin loading area.
Cabin sponsored by Mars candy.
Riding east.
Tower 7. Note the other side does not have a seventh tower.
Return terminal.
One line in use.
Cabins leaving the Frontier station.
Cabins near tower 3.
CWA cabins.
Drive terminal building.
Side view of the drive equipment.
Turnaround area.
Both return stations.
Lone tower 7.

One thought on “Skyway B – Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ

  1. Donald Reif August 14, 2019 / 2:58 pm

    Side B has the additional tower because at that point, the line passes over the Runaway Mine Train’s final turn, which goes uphill while passing under the Skyway. Thus, Side B needs more clearance.

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