Southern Comfort Express – Blue Mountain, ON

This lift is quite long for Ontario and services the southern part of the mountain.
Side view of the bottom station.
Loading area.
Tower 2.
Middle part of the lift line.
The upper half of the lift line is unskiable.
Combo assemblies on tower 11.
The final two towers.
Arriving up top.
Unloading area.
View up the line.
Looking down.
Lower lift line.
View up the first pitch.

2 thoughts on “Southern Comfort Express – Blue Mountain, ON

  1. Matthew Toy February 26, 2022 / 5:42 pm

    Interestingly, the last two towers of the original South Chair that this lift replaced remain near the top of the mountain, with the haul rope and chairs intact. I believe it was the first Charilift in Ontario.


    • Ty October 3, 2022 / 3:50 pm

      Yeah, they are still there, but their current location is not in their original alignment. Pretty sure the original chair this replaced has it’s lift line still visible from the top near the beavertails hut.


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