Sterling – Smugglers’ Notch, VT

The Sterling lift comes very close to Stowe Mountain Resort even though it is an hour drive between the two mountains in winter.
View up at tower 6.
The first few towers.
Unload ramp up top.
The famous Long Trail which cuts across Vermont also travels right through the top terminal.
Top operator house.
View down from the summit.
Another angle down the line.
Top bullwheel and long tension carriage.
And a big counterweight.
There is a rare additional tower after where skiers get off.
Bottom station overview.
The lift line seen from T4.

One thought on “Sterling – Smugglers’ Notch, VT

  1. Northeast Chairlifts January 31, 2019 / 10:57 am

    from the day I visited/filmed

    speed: 510 fpm
    ride time: 10:50
    towers: 29
    chairs: 190


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