Stonehill – Spring Mountain, PA

Tower 1 at the load point.
Lower terminal with drive and tension.
View up the line.
Hall double chair.
Bottom terminal and counterweight well behind the load point.
View riding up the line.
None of the lift line is skiable.
Looking back down.
Upper terminal.
Unloading area.
The loading area.
Tower 8.
As the name implies, many of the towers on this lift are pinned to rock.
Arriving at the top.

One thought on “Stonehill – Spring Mountain, PA

  1. Hans October 8, 2020 / 1:31 am

    I think your numbers are incorrect for this chair. The line runs essentially adjacent to rocktop for about the same length and vertical. If anything, it may be slightly shorter and slightly steeper, but I think, overall, it’s essentially the same.

    Spring mountain used to operate a bike park called Launch, and they used this chair to bring riders to the top. You would hold your bike on your lap while riding the chair – not especially safe. Evidently they couldn’t scrape together the money to retrofit the chair to make it safe, so they cancelled the bike park. You can still pedal the trails, though, which is nice.

    This mountain is only a few minutes from where I grew up. Your pictures bring back fond memories. The trail to skier’s right of this chair would open rarely when there was some natural snow. It was a pretty fun time!


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