Sulpher Mountain Gondola – Banff Gondola, AB

The Banff Gondola is owned by Brewster Travel Canada and operates for sightseeing only year-round.
View of the new top terminal building under construction in Spring 2016.
Bottom station with counterweight. Some tires were added to the rails but operators still manually push the cabins most of the way around the terminals.
Cabins and track saddles inside the bottom station. The drive is up top.
Parked cabins and carriages.
The bottom station building.
Two previous generation cabins were used.
Bottom terminal building seen from above.
Riding up the first span.
Looking back at tower 1.
Tower 2 is the tallest.
View back down.
Tower 2 seen from above.
Approaching T3.
Tower 3.
A CWA X cabin approaches T3.
Nearing the summit.
Tower 4.
Haul rope sheaves.
New summit terminal building in 2018.
The big breakover.
Arrival at the top.
Cabin and hanger.
Another view of the breakover.
Front view of a third generation cabin.
Tower 4 seen from below.
View down from the summit.
Inside the top station.
Leaving the summit.
Tower 4.
These sheaves catch the haul rope as it sags significantly between cabins.
Middle part of the lift line.
Lower line.
Tower 2.
Another view of the line.
Tower 1.
Inside the bottom station. Cabins are pushed through manually.

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