Sunnyside – Schweitzer, ID

schweitzer 078
Top vault drive terminal.
schweitzer 150
Looking down the lift line.
schweitzer 151
Upper lift line.
schweitzer 237
Bottom tension station.
schweitzer 239
Looking up from the loading area.
schweitzer 242
Another view of the tension terminal.

8 thoughts on “Sunnyside – Schweitzer, ID

  1. eugenetoyandhobby August 3, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Off all my times skiing Schweitzer, I’ve never seen this lift run. I guess it’s only a backup for if the Great Escape goes down.


    • Ben Eminger September 8, 2019 / 9:02 am

      It is generally a backup for if great escape goes down, I’ve also seen it run on peak weekends and race weekends. It’s a pretty sketchy to ride, and it scared the crap out of me as a kid. Of course its solid, just rickety old double.


    • Anthony February 22, 2022 / 3:19 pm

      It’s generally open on Saturdays and Sundays during peak season-–it’s primarily a race training lift.


      • Robin March 13, 2023 / 5:51 pm

        Re: the “warning” sign at the lift load, any idea what the original wording was before they taped over and substituted “beginners”
        “It was built in the 1960’s. People were tougher and had more skills back then. This chair is not for so have your act together….”


  2. Philip Keeve April 24, 2020 / 3:03 pm

    I hated this thing all growing up. Had some major loading failures on it. It’s due to be replaced next, IMO.

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  3. Somebody April 25, 2020 / 5:44 pm

    Before the installation of Great Escape in 1990, this chair was the only access to what is now outback bowl.


  4. Anthony March 11, 2021 / 10:03 pm

    This chair used to have bubbles in the 1970s! Cool photo here:

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    • Ryan February 2, 2022 / 1:58 pm

      Bubbles on a Riblet? Incredible… How many fixed grips out there had/have bubbles? Obviously they removed them at some point.


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