T-Bar – Breckenridge, CO

This T-Bar runs in a triangle, with the downbound side traversing terrain unsuitable for a T-Bar track.
Light side.
Drive station overview.
Downhill leg of the triangle.
This is the only Doppelmayr lift at Breck.
Motor room and loading area.
The lower station actually has three bullwheels.
Tower 4.
Turn on the heavy side with another bullwheel.
Unload area.
Bullwheel #5.
View down both legs.
Heavy side above the turn.

9 thoughts on “T-Bar – Breckenridge, CO

  1. Donald M. Reif March 24, 2019 / 9:57 am

    Just a naming thing, but Breckenridge officially has renamed the lift as the Horseshoe Bowl T-Bar as of 2016 (I guess to differentiate it from the T-Bar restaurant at Peak 8 Base).


  2. Donald M. Reif March 24, 2019 / 9:59 am

    In the Breckenridge lift system, the T-Bar stands out as the only lift not built by Poma/Leitner-Poma or Riblet. (There used to be two Doppelmayrs, when there was also the Quicksilver Quad on lower Peak 9, but alas, that one is gone, and every lift installed at Breckenridge since 1985 has been built by Poma or Leitner-Poma)

    And for a 35 year old lift, it’s still working like clockwork. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s due for a replacement in the next ten years or so; it’d be interesting whether Poma would build their own T-Bar or a double chairlift with slatted chairs would be built up the downhill line)


  3. skibumbarnes April 19, 2021 / 8:46 am

    This is the only Doppelmayr lift at Breck now, does anyone know why they didn’t stick with Doppelmayr?


    • Myles Svec April 19, 2021 / 8:56 am

      Maybe it has to do something with price because Leitner-Poma is cheaper. They could have also wanted to keep consistency with their other lifts. The only reason the Quicksilver HSQ was Doppelmayr is because Doppelmayr was the only one offering the lift they needed.


      • skibumbarnes April 20, 2021 / 8:18 am

        I thought it would have something to do with price, thanks for some feedback.


      • Tyler Baroody November 30, 2022 / 6:06 pm

        Are the prices of MND Ropeways, Partek, Skytrans, Skytrac, and even possibly Superior Tramway-overhauled lifts comparable to LPOA and Doppelmayr?


        • Ty November 30, 2022 / 7:28 pm

          From the chat with my local resort owner, who will have to replace our late 80s Poma HSQs in the next 5-7, Doppelmayr detachables and fixed grips are the most pricey and premium, followed up by LPA that offer similar technology, but in a less refined package, followed by Skytrack, he wasnt aware of partek, or skytrans, but was aware of MND due its ties to the authoritarian Chinese government, and wouldnt consider them due to their sketchy ties to the CCP (from what ive researched, it seems like MND forced the Chinese government out by buying out its stake, but the sources I read didnt seem very legitimate, so take that with a grain of salt) Also Tyler seems like a very common name for lift enthusiasts on this site lmao


    • Axewolfe17 April 21, 2022 / 8:55 am

      I’ve seen some old videos and the former Lift Maintenance Manager is now the North American Sales Manager for Leitner-Poma, so that’s probably why the stick with LPA.

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