Télésiège – Gallix, QC

This lift was built in 1998 but the bottom terminal was undermined by a flood in 2021 and had to be rebuilt.
Updated bottom terminal with new operator house.
View up from the base terminal.
Loading area
Middle section of the lift line.
Flat section of the line.
View down at tower 6.
The last tower.
View from the top station.
Doppelmayr EJ chair.
Upper station with new operator house and Doppelmayr Connect control system.
Side view of a tower.
Steep lower section of the line.
View at tower 3.
A large new culvert will hopefully prevent the ground under the terminal from washing away again.
Side view of the late ’90s drive-tension station.


One thought on “Télésiège – Gallix, QC

  1. liftnerd May 12, 2023 / 4:37 pm

    How much rust can a haul rope take before needing replacement? This one is showing some….


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