Timber Wolf – Lookout Pass, ID/MT

Top terminal.
Looking down the line.
Lower lift line.
Looking down to the base terminal.
Bottom bullwheel.
Bottom station and lift line.
Top station drive and tension.

4 thoughts on “Timber Wolf – Lookout Pass, ID/MT

  1. theincsupport July 19, 2021 / 4:49 pm

    Just saw this lift without the snow a few days ago, it is very cool looking! I noticed it looked like some abandoned ski hill or something like that, it had some graffiti on the bottom operator shack, the controls outside at the bottom terminal were locked up, but a very cool look! I also noticed at the top of this lift, about 10 feet to the right, half of its chairs were taken out and the motor was not in the motor room. I noticed the lack of chairs when first looking at it at the bottom, this chair doesn’t have super far spacing normally. Also, about 50 feet right of this thing, in where the trees start, there is a bunch of old riblet parts from like a tower, I think I saw a few tower heads, and towers too. Don’t know what this is, but both of these might have something to do with the expansion happing, which I actually saw a few more runs cut out then from the ski season. I don’t remember where I saw it, but I heard something about they are going to use the old chair 1 in the expansion. The motor room from that old chair 1 is at the bottom near the top of the beginner chair. Final thing, I was talking to the lifty off the top of the new chair 1, waiting for my bike to come behind me, and he said they want to replace the double chairs on this lift with quad chairs.. don’t know how that could work. Who knows if this will actually happen, only 1 way to find out!


    • Myles Svec July 19, 2021 / 6:14 pm

      There was supposed to be a second chairlift in the Eagle Peak expansion that was supposed to be a double (I think it was supposed to be the old chair 1 but that lift may have been scrapped). The old chair 1 was a Riblet so it could have been parts from chair 1.


  2. Anthony September 27, 2021 / 3:29 pm

    Looks like they are converting this to a triple for this season. Not sure if it’s just a conversion for now or if it will ultimately be a phased replacement.


    • Will September 28, 2021 / 11:47 am

      That is great! I wonder what carriers they will use. Let us know if you find out.


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