D – Parc du Mont-Comi, QC

This lift services an expert terrain pod and has a fixed top drive.
Drive motor.
Unloading point up top.
Tower 14.
Tower 13.
Tower 12.
Upper lift line.
There is a significant turn of the line at tower 9.
The turn.
Another view of the turn zone.
The lift is very steep along its entire length.
There are also 5 half towers in a row which the light side skips.
Half tower 5.
The light side of the line goes way up in the air as it skips towers.
Lower lift line.
Rare Pomalift tension bottom terminal.
Tensioning behind the bottom station.
Lift overview. The top of the lift is in the trees just above the bullwheel.
Small counterweight.
Detachable pomas.
The lower station takes up as much room as an early detachable chairlift!

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