Eagle Express – Mt. Washington, BC

The first detachable at Mt. Washington, Eagle Express opened in 1998 and replaced a Mueller double.
Overview of the lift.
Riding up the line near the bottom.
View back down.
Nearing the summit of the lift and ski area.
Unloading area and operator house.
A rail for chair parking.
Return terminal overview.
The top seen from Whiskey Jack lift.
Side view of the drive station down below.
Arriving at the top station.
View down the steepest section of the lift.
Tower 12.
Lower lift line.
View uphill mid way up the line.
Lower part of the lift line.
Another look uphill.
Lower station overview. Not the angle on tower 1.
Drive station.
View back down the lift.
Side view up top.
Early model Stealth terminal.

One thought on “Eagle Express – Mt. Washington, BC

  1. Donald M. Reif April 6, 2019 / 2:54 pm

    So why does tower 1 have an unusual angle tube?


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