Little Nell – Aspen Mountain, CO

This lift is located next to the gondola and rarely operates.
View down from above the drive.
Lift line and downtown Aspen.
Upper lift line.
Poma Z model return at the load.
Lift overview.

11 thoughts on “Little Nell – Aspen Mountain, CO

    • Donald Reif November 17, 2019 / 9:49 pm

      I think this was around 2005 when there was redevelopment at the base area.


      • New England Chairlifts & Skiing November 18, 2019 / 7:42 am

        They really should run this more too, as an alternate way out of the Base. How often does the gondola get lines?


        • skitheeast November 18, 2019 / 8:55 am

          The problem is that this lift isn’t ideally placed. Let’s say this lift becomes a primary lift. The only two primary lifts skiers can access from the top are the Gondola, which makes this lift pointless, or Shadow Mountain, which is a slow fixed grip that requires a third chairlift (Ruthie’s) to really get anywhere up the mountain. Operating this lift would therefore require them to operate Bell Mountain so skiers can avoid the other two lifts, but Bell is an extremely long fixed grip double. With the combined ride time, it makes no sense to avoid the gondola especially because it takes skiers all the way to the top. If Bell goes detachable (which I think it should), then it would make sense to operate this lift more frequently.


        • Somebody November 18, 2019 / 11:56 am

          You can ski to Shadow Mountain/lift 1A from the top of this chair, not just bell mtn.


        • Donald Reif November 18, 2019 / 4:19 pm

          I’d be all for Bell Mountain getting a high speed quad upgrade, as that would shift maybe 50% of uphill traffic away from the Gondola and also make the terrain below Gent’s Ridge and Ajax more accessible.


        • Thomas Jett November 18, 2019 / 5:36 pm

          The problem with that is that the plans for replacing Bell call for the bottom terminal to be raised to the bottom of the ridge. The only ways up from Little Nell in that case would be to either ski down to Shadow Mountain, or back to the gondola.


        • New England Chairlifts & Skiing November 19, 2019 / 1:16 pm

          Is often does this lift run now? I don’t think it runs that much. Same with Bell. I think they are primarily auxiliary lifts for the gondola.


    • Donald Reif January 18, 2020 / 9:34 am

      It absolutely had to do with development at the base:


  1. New England Chairlifts & Skiing November 19, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    Oh, and I know they run it and bell early and late season as well before they get snow to the top.


  2. Teddy's Lift World January 18, 2020 / 9:02 am

    By running this lift more often, they could create a new beginner area near the gondola. This seems like a wasted opportunity to me.


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