Sommet – Owl’s Head, QC

Of the three high speed quads built at Owl’s Head, Sommet is the only one built with new equipment.
Drive bullwheel.
Loading terminal separate from the drive equipment.
Non-line gauge bullwheel.
The lower station next to the main lodge.
View back down the line.
Two different towers on this lift are off center portals.
Top return terminal.
View down from the summit.
One of the light side flyovers.
Upper lift line.
Another place where a tower only acts on the light side.
Two towers in close succession.
Steep part of the lift line.
View up near the base area.
Tower 2.
Motor room and maze area.
Riding up the line.
Chain driven terminal.
Side view of the summit station.
Lower station overview.
Lift overview.
View back down the lower part of the line.
Upper lift line.
Arriving at the return.
Unloading ramp.
Very long station.
Another look at the entire lift.

2 thoughts on “Sommet – Owl’s Head, QC

  1. Donald Reif February 16, 2020 / 10:30 am

    It’s rare to see detachables that have half-towers like this. Most of the time, the general practice is for all towers to have sheaves on both light and heavy sides unless circumstances necessitate otherwise (like the half tower for the heavy side on the Northwest Magnum 6 at the cliff, or the half-tower for the light side of Big Red Express at that one cliff).

    Liked by 1 person

    • pnwrider July 17, 2020 / 2:31 am

      Also, I have never seen these Doppelmayr carriers, or ever seen a CLD-260, or really any Doppelmayr detachable lift with a drive separate from the terminal. I’ve only ever seen those with the Poma Alpha-Falcon terminal design, also around this era.


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