Instagram Tuesday: Dark Sky

Every Tuesday, I feature my favorite Instagram photos from around the lift world.


4 thoughts on “Instagram Tuesday: Dark Sky

  1. Muni July 26, 2022 / 4:58 pm

    “The engine has been installed at the base terminal”

    Do chairlifts have engines? My understanding was they have motors typically powered by electricity. In the case of direct drive, my understanding is a magnetic field directly induces motion in the bull wheel shaft. Similar to how Tesla cars have electric coils directly powering each axel (and do not have engines).

    I guess chairlifts do have a diesel backup drive? So maybe that has an engine?


    • CharlesO July 26, 2022 / 8:22 pm

      All aerial lifts have a backup diesel engine, in most cases just powerful enough to run the lift slowly for evacuation.


      • Michael July 28, 2022 / 2:11 pm

        Generally, Engine refers to internal combustion devices and Motor refers to electrical devices.
        All lifts are required to have 2 power units- A Prime Mover, typically electric but sometime diesel; and an Evacuation Power Unit, which is independent and is typically either gasoline or diesel power.
        Hope this helps.


    • Billuh July 29, 2022 / 6:50 pm

      Marketing folks ain’t understand often how to language goodly.


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