Toggenburg Closes After 68 Years

I am sad to report the lifts at New York’s Toggenburg Mountain have carried their final skiers. The owner of nearby Song Mountain and Labrador Mountain, Peter Harris, announced his purchase of the property today and said he will consolidate operations at his other mountains. The sellers are John and Christine Meier, who own and operate the largest resort in the region, Greek Peak. The Meiers plan to focus on Greek Peak, which they have grown into a four season destination in recent years.

Harris, the owner of Song and Labrador, cited a number of reasons for his decision including business levels and a labor shortage. He will continue to operate and invest in Song Mountain and Labrador Mountain, which feature eight lifts between them. “As new strains of COVID emerge, there is still great uncertainty about future capacity restrictions and concerns about finding and keeping seasonal staff as many local companies continue to struggle to hire workers. This purchase follows a decades long trend of ski resort consolidation,” said Harris, who did not disclose the purchase price. “The decision to close Toggenburg isn’t one we took lightly or made easily, but when you take a hard look at the numbers, three ski resorts drawing from the same pool of skiers and snow boarders every year is a challenge. I am confident that we are going to offer Central New Yorkers an excellent ski experience at Song and Labrador.”

The future of Toggenburg’s two Hall doubles and Borvig triple remains uncertain. The website is already gone.

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  • New owners launch Granby Ranch Rising, a set of capital improvement initiatives.
  • Seven Springs’ new lift may be completed as soon as the end of this month.
  • Mexico City will launch the Doppelmayr-built Cablebús Line 1 on Sunday, followed by the Leitner-built Line 2 on July 24th with a system total of 13 stations, 121 towers and 685 cabins.
  • Mt. Hood Meadows proposes replacing the Mt. Hood Express with a Leitner-Poma six place in 2022 or 2023.
  • Lookout Pass begins cutting trails on Eagle Peak with installation of Sundance’s former Ray’s quad set to commence in 2022.
  • A Breckenridge developer proposes a short gondola to bring skiers from the Gold Rush parking lot to the BreckConnect Gondola.
  • Sunlight tables construction of the East Ridge expansion lift, citing “soaring costs of materials such as steel due to ongoing supply chain challenges.” The mountain says “new lift installations are happening at a premium price right now,” and will prioritize more immediate needs such as upgrades to existing lifts.
  • Speaking of premium lifts, more towers arrive for the Squaw-Alpine Base to Base Gondola.