Fly Day in Teton Village

Flying a tower tube with a K-Max.

Last night I heard the unmistakable sound of a helicopter flying over my house.  Around here it’s usually a search and rescue chopper but this time I looked out to see the double rotors of a Kaman K-Max.  It’s the same helicopter that did the concrete footings for the Teton lift last week. Doppelmayr started flying towers early this morning and the crew worked their way down from the top, setting towers 15 through 5 before wind and snow shut them down around noon.

IMG_2181 IMG_2155 IMG_2141 IMG_2118

The K-Max can’t fly complete towers at 9,000 feet so the tubes, crossarms and sheave trains were flown separately.  As the wind picked up, the pilot had to call it a day while working on tower 5 so it sits for now missing a crossarm.  Tower 1 can be done with a crane when the lower terminal goes in so there are only a handful left to fly.

IMG_2094 IMG_1967 IMG_1929 IMG_1859

Hopefully the crew can get the last few picks in tomorrow morning so Brian from Timberline Helicopters can get back to the big show down in Park City.  For the Doppelmayr crew here, it’s on to terminal steel.

IMG_2133 IMG_2074 IMG_2039 IMG_2002

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