Jackson Hole Tower Flying Part II

Brian Jorgenson of Timberline Helicopters flying towers for the Teton lift on July 28th, 2015.

Tower fly day number two for Jackson Hole’s Teton lift went smoothly with crews setting the remaining six towers in less than two hours.  Some of the top and bottom terminal parts were also flown up the hill while the helicopter was here.  With road access at both terminals, I don’t expect to see any more heli work on this project.  Lower Valley Energy is currently running power to the top drive terminal site from Casper and the first lift cabin arrived from Doppelmayr.  Footings for the bottom terminal are about halfway done.  See below for more pictures of today’s flying.

IMG_2563 IMG_2541 IMG_2522 IMG_2489 IMG_2472 IMG_2457

IMG_2440 IMG_2425 IMG_2416 IMG_2357 IMG_2351 IMG_2319

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