Chairs Going on the Teton Lift

The Teton lift got its haul rope and commline in the last few weeks and Doppelmayr started launching chairs on Saturday.  Agamatic grips were being attached to each chair before going onto the maintenance rail at the bottom terminal.  Doppelmayr was launching chairs in groups with the lift running slowly in reverse.  All 80 chairs should be on by this afternoon.  Next up: adjustments and load test.  Impressive to see this project nearly finished two and half months before its scheduled opening (which is December 19th.)

Chairs going on in reverse.
Towers 13-15 just below the top terminal.

The top terminal and new ski patrol building.
Tower 13 with chairs on both sides.
It’s not even October and this thing’s about done.
Uni-G terminal looks sharp in white and gray.
Strange seeing chairs going backwards.
Only 15 or so more chairs to go on 9/27/15.

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