Out with the Old at Grand Targhee & Jackson Hole

Grand Targhee wasted no time removing Blackfoot, starting even before they closed for skiing.

New lifts are coming to both sides of the Tetons this summer and that means three old lifts are coming down.  At Grand Targhee, the Blackfoot double is being replaced with a Doppelmayr fixed-grip quad.  All 20 towers have been removed along with the top terminal.  Blackfoot had wooden ramps at both ends that will be burned down once all the steel is out of the way.

From the tree cutting that’s been done, it looks like the new lift will start to the skier’s left of the old one.
Still no word on where these chairs are headed.

This is why the new Blackfoot will have to start somewhere else.  Riblet built some crazy ramps back in the day.

Over in Teton Village, Doppelmayr is removing Jackson Hole’s Sweetwater triple to make way for a new gondola. Eagle’s Rest was taken down in April so work could start on the bottom terminal of the Sweetwater Gondola.  This is a challenging project because both the Bridger Gondola and Teewinot quad chair will operate on either side of the new gondola base all summer.

Teewinot and Sweetwater Gondola will share a large new operator house.
Just towers left to be flown out at old Sweetwater.
Site prep for the new gondola’s mid-station.  Eventually there will be a dedicated learning facility here.
New gondola line just below the mid-station.

4 thoughts on “Out with the Old at Grand Targhee & Jackson Hole

  1. Mike Turley May 8, 2016 / 1:56 pm

    Wow how was Eagle’s Rest removed so quickly ? That certainly helped the project get moving !


    • Peter Landsman May 8, 2016 / 2:03 pm

      Mike you guys had the chairs off Eagle’s Rest before we even finished offloading the gondola on closing day. Good work JHLM.


  2. DoppelmayrFTW!! May 8, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    Finally! Construction season is back baby!


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