Eisgratbahn 3S Opens Today in Austria

The 2.8 mile 3S gondola Eisgratbahn, believed to be the world’s most expensive lift, debuts today after two long summers of construction.  The two-stage system features 49 32-passenger Symphony cabins transporting up to 3,014 passengers per hour 4,000 vertical feet.  The goal is to reduce the frequency of wind closures versus the former gondola lift.  Congratulations to Leitner Ropeways and Stubaier Glacier on completing this monster project.

One thought on “Eisgratbahn 3S Opens Today in Austria

  1. Michael October 23, 2016 / 9:14 am

    I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the 3S on September 22 while Leitner was doing testing and set up. What an amazing machine! 2 separate systems with the capability of being connected at the mid station to run as one system. While at the mid station the technicians were doing full speed (7.5 m/sec) stops on the upper section and the performance was smooth and quiet. The amount of concrete that went into the stations and supporting structures was mind boggling.
    Peter- hit me up when you get back from your float and I’ll send you some pictures.


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