Work Begins on Jackson Hole’s Teton Lift

The view into Grand Teton National Park from the top of Jackson Hole’s new Teton lift.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary in December which will coincide with the opening of new terrain and a shiny high speed quad called Teton.  JHMR’s first Doppelmayr detachable will serve three new runs in the area formerly known as the Crags.  This project is part of a major lift upgrade that included the new Casper detachable quad and will also include a second gondola.

Ready for a base terminal.
Ready for a Uni-G terminal next to the Lower Werner run.

The new lift will serve approximately 1,800 vertical feet of terrain between the Casper and Apres Vous lifts.  With a steep profile, Teton’s ride time will be under six minutes.  Having four detachable quads on the north side of the mountain will hopefully take some pressure off the aerial tram.

Funny to see Doppelmayr staging next to a new Leitner-Poma terminal.
Funny to see Doppelmayr staging next to a new Leitner-Poma terminal.

The top terminal site is perched on the edge of Granite Canyon and Grand Teton National Park. Three new runs – Upper Kemmerer, Upper Wide Open and Ridge Run are cut and in the process of being graded.

Top terminal site.
Top terminal site with a view!
The new Ridge Run has an awesome view of Granite Canyon and Phelps Lake.
The new Ridge Run looking down towards Phelps Lake.

Most of the lift is already in the Ranch parking lot except the terminal skins, operator houses and drive unit.  There are 15 towers including three that are tall enough to be separated into multiple sections.  The lift will have 80 EJ-model chairs that match Thunder’s from back in 1994.  Even though the lift line is mostly sheltered by trees, the chairs have slats instead of a backrest for wind resistance.

IMG_7442 IMG_7405IMG_0335 IMG_7304

I will be sure to post updates on this project throughout the summer and fall.

3 thoughts on “Work Begins on Jackson Hole’s Teton Lift

  1. Mike Taylor June 22, 2015 / 11:14 pm

    There are plenty of ski resorts with both Poma and Doppelmayr next to each other.\


    • Peter Landsman June 23, 2015 / 9:53 am

      The top of Casper isn’t where the new lift is going; I just thought it was a funny place for Doppelmayr to set up shop.


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