Building Solitude’s Summit Express

It felt like spring at Solitude Mountain Resort, not because of the weather but because the Summit lift replacement project is really just getting underway.  The new Doppelmayr detachable quad is in an entirely new alignment that is extremely rugged.  There was obviously a ton of blasting and dirt work just to get to this point.  Once the Summit Express is complete, Solitude will have four high speed quads and only three fixed-grip lifts left.

Looking down from tower 15.
Looking down from tower 15.

Highlander Lift Services is in charge of this project rather than crews from Doppelmayr or Solitude.  Most of the tower forms are in but I did not see any concrete in the ground.  The top terminal is just a hole and the bottom isn’t much further along.  The lift is going to have around 20 towers and only the crossarms and lifting frames have arrived so far.  Unfortunately it looks like these guys are going to be building a lift in the snow.

Some tower cages are still in the parking lot.
This is all the parts for the new lift that have been delivered.

Bottom terminal site.
The new lift line is extremely steep.
Tower 14.
Looking down from where towers 16 and 17 will be.
Lots of blasting took place for tower 17.
I think this is where the top terminal will be.
I think this is where the top terminal will be.

I also learned Solitude couldn’t find a buyer for the old Summit double.  The chairs were sold to the public and the rest was scrapped.


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