Okemo’s Two New Lifts

Leitner-Poma is busy this summer at Okemo Mountain Resort installing one new lift and turning the Jackson Gore Express into Quantum Four, Vermont’s fourth lift with bubble chairs.  The new Sunshine Quad will have 11 towers and provides access to a new real estate development called South Face Village.  As of this week, all concrete footings are finished and steel is going up.  It will have a bottom drive/tension Alpha terminal with a fixed return up top.

Top bullwheel with support structure in place.
Tower head #10 still needing a tube.
Footings for the Alpha drive terminal are ready to go along with the haul rope.

Tower heads staged along the lift line with fall color at its peak.

Over on the north side of Okemo, the Jackson Gore Express is getting bubble quad chairs and will be renamed Quantum Four.  This follows Leitner-Poma’s successful launch of Sunburst Six with bubbles and heated seats at Okemo two years ago.  Southern Vermont seems to be the bubble lift capital of North America with two new bubble six packs in operation and two more under construction (more on the new six pack with bubbles at the Hermitage Club later this week.)  The other Poma high speed quad at Okemo’s Jackson Gore, the Coleman Brook Express, is unchanged for now.

Quantum Four will have parking rails but no barn yet.
The bottom terminal still needs bubble opening and closing mechanisms.

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