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Day 84: Working with fears Langkawi challenged me with my fears! I need to say that apart from little boats on deep water, i hate cable cars! I hate it because of the feelings that you are stacked in metal box on a wire and you cannot control anything. And to add, you are doing it for entertainment without no purpose and usually pay quite a lot for it. So it's literally doesn't make any sense for me most of the times. For Langkawi the trick is that the island's main attraction is located after that cable car and it's almost the only one opportunity to get there but 7-8 hours return hiking up to the hills. And i wanted to see it so badly! I tryed to postpone this till the last moment, but the idea of missing the most scenic and beautiful sight and great view from the top doesn't sound too exciting for me. I told myself that I don't need it and mayby it doesn't really matters if i missed it, but to be true, it matters! So I gathered all my courage and decided that i have to do this cable car ride! I was trying to prepare myself and read about it before going. This cable ride goes from the sea level to the altitude of 700+metres. It's length is about 2 km and it takes 15 minutes to reach the top. It got 1km+ free cable section (😱). At some point the cabins goes at 42‘ incline. Shit! Shit! Shit! It was bad idea to read it!!! So at the end I decided that i simply should do it and breathe! And i just came, bought ticket and board! Breathe… And yes, it was scary, but not physically scary (only one moment when the wind was quite strong), but mostly mentally scary. I had i good half-an-hour training time to work with my fears. I haven't learned nothing exactly new about myself, but probably get used to it during the ride. And to be true, I'm little proud of myself that this time (when it does make sense) i don't avoid it! And it pays me not only with this feeling of self-satisfaction, but also with great views and opportunity to see one of most famous bridges in the world. But i'll leave it for the next post! #travel#traveldiary#traveldiaries#malaysia#langkawi#cablecar#fears

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