Forest Service Green Lights Big Lookout Pass Expansion

In a plan approved today, Lookout Pass will upgrade Chair 1 to a quad and add two new lifts serving a 650-acre Eagle Peak expansion.

Lookout Pass is the only ski resort in America spanning two states, two National Forests and two time zones.  While markedly low-key, this local favorite on the Idaho-Montana border has grown rapidly from one lift to four since 2002.  A Record of Decision published today by the Idaho Panhandle and Lolo National Forests gives Lookout approval to build two new lifts on Eagle Peak, upgrade Chair 1 and add 15 new trails spanning 654 acres.  Vertical rise will increase more than 40 percent to 1,650′ as the lift-served summit moves from Runt Mountain to Eagle Peak.  Taken alone, the expansion will be larger than all but four ski areas in the Eastern United States.  When combined with current terrain, once little Lookout will provide more than 1,000 acres of terrain for a growing number of skiers in the Inland Northwest.


Lift 1, a 1982 Riblet double, will be upgraded to a fixed- or detachable-grip quad in the existing alignment.  A new fixed-grip double, triple or quad chair on Eagle Peak dubbed Lift 5 will be 5,200′ long by 1,300′ vertical with around 24 towers.  A smaller 2,800 x 800′ Lift 6 was approved as a double chair ending on the same summit.  A 12,000′ power line will need to be trenched to both relatively remote new bottom drive terminals.  “The new lifts will incorporate components recycled from the Lift 1 upgrade as well as used components purchased from other ski areas to promote resource conservation and to reduce costs,” the ROD notes.  Lookout Pass already operates four Riblet fixed-grips, three of which were relocated from other resorts. Fittingly, one of the new lifts will be located in Idaho and Pacific Time, the other in Montana on Mountain Time.

Not wasting a moment, Lookout Pass said in a statement, “Phase One projects will be initiated starting this summer.  Specific projects are subject to logging bids and contracts plus additional ski lift and building plan review.  We will announce the proposed projects timeline as soon as possible.”  You can learn more and follow the progress here.


3 thoughts on “Forest Service Green Lights Big Lookout Pass Expansion

  1. Ryan May 19, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Where was Chair 1, Timberwolf, and Northstar relocated from?


    • Peter Landsman May 19, 2017 / 9:42 pm

      Chair 1 was new from Riblet. Success (Chair 4) came from Terry Peak. I’m not sure about Northstar and Timber Wolf. Superior Tramway did the installs.


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