North America’s Top Ten Longest Lifts

North America’s top ten longest lifts are all gondolas or aerial tramways and only half of them are directly used for skiing.  Silver Mountain’s Gondola is number one although it is no longer the world’s longest.  Since 2014, that title has belonged to the Bursa Uludag Gondola in Turkey which is a ridiculous 28,871 feet.  This list does not include systems which have multiple haul ropes, such as Blackcomb’s Excalibur, which I consider to be two separate gondolas.

Silver Mountain's VonRoll gondola was the world's longest when it opened in 1990.
Silver Mountain’s VonRoll gondola was the world’s longest when it opened in 1990.

1. Silver Mountain Gondola, Silver Mountain, Idaho – 1990 VonRoll 8-passenger gondola

16,350′ ride time 16.4 minutes

2. Sunshine Village Gondola, Sunshine Village, Alberta – 2001 Poma 8-passenger gondola

14,894′ ride time 12.4 minutes

3. Peak 2 Peak Gondola, Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia – 2008 Doppelmayr 3S tri-cable gondola

14,497′ ride time 9.8 minutes

4. Sandia Peak Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 1965 Bell 50-passenger tramway


5. Silver Queen Gondola, Aspen Mountain, Colorado – 1986 Poma 6-passenger gondola

13,216′ ride time 13.2 minutes

6. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs, California – 1963 VonRoll 80-passenger tramway

12,780′ ride time 6.5 minutes

7. Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, Jackson Hole, Wyoming – 2008 Garaventa 100-passenger tramway

12,463′ ride time 8.3 minutes

8. Heavenly Gondola, South Lake Tahoe, California – 2000 Doppelmayr 8-passenger gondola

12,149′ ride time 10.1 minutes

9. Whistler Village Gondola Stage II, Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia – 1988 Poma 8-passenger gondola

11,394′ ride time 10.5 minutes

10. Golden Eagle Express Gondola, Kicking Horse, British Columbia – 2000 Poma 8-passenger gondola

11,188′ ride time 10.2 minutes

If you like these kinds of stats, check out my list of the steepest lifts in North America which included a few surprises.

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