Snow King Outlines Gondola & More

There aren’t many ski resorts that lose $200,000 in a good winter. That’s the loss Snow King Mountain projects for the next four months as it struggles to find a sustainable operating model in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.  The ski area opened in 1939, decades before its more famous neighbors even existed.  Snow King’s alpine slide, opened in 1978, sees many times more riders in the summer than the entire mountain attracts each winter.  Beginner and intermediate destination visitors simply don’t choose to ski the rugged, north-facing mountain with a 12-minute double chair ride to the top.

Snow King managing partner Max Chapman, Jr. outlines his group’s investments to date and vision for the future at a community open house December 11, 2015.

Last year, an investment banker with local ties named Max Chapman, Jr. led a group of investors in purchasing Snow King Holdings from the ownership group that struggled with the ski area since 1992.  This past summer, Chapman and company spent a crazy $14 million to build an alpine coaster, base lodge, retail store, ski school building, quad chair and fully-automated TechnoAlpin snowmaking system.  General Manager Ryan Stanley overhauled ticketing systems, bought new uniforms and even commissioned a brand new trail map and website.  This week, the King held a community open house at Snow King Hotel to outline a vision for phase 2 expansion and begin a multi-year public process in hopes of pushing Snow King to consistent profitability.  SKMR operates on a mix of private, federal and town land so Chapman knows he needs the community’s support.

The Panorama House will be re-imagined with a modern facility and integrated gondola (apparently with 1960s Riblet towers!)

The anchor of the project is a base-to-summit gondola to an all-new complex that will serve a variety of visitors year-round.  The facility up top would include a movie theatre, planetarium, cafeteria and fine dining overlooking the town of Jackson and Teton Range.  As of now the building would also include gondola cabin storage/maintenance and takeoff for a quad zipline plunging into town below at speeds up to 75 mph.  Chapman noted, “we want everything we build to be the best.”

Snow King representatives said they are already in talks with Doppelmayr to build the gondola.
The gondola’s terminal and cabin parking will be part of the new lodge and match the style of the buildings built this past summer.

To address Snow King’s terrain challenges, the ski operation would expand east with a fixed-grip quad that would also serve a downhill bike park in the summer.  This is interesting as the new lift would not start at the base of the mountain, meaning Rafferty would also have to shuttle bikes. I think running bikes and an alpine slide from the same fixed-grip quad would be challenging.  The only other new lifts envisioned are two magic carpets in a new beginner pod at the top of the gondola.  The Summit double would be removed but the newer Cougar triple would remain.

SE Group map showing new ski terrain and a re-routed service road.
Another preliminary Panorama Lodge floorplan.  Where’s the operator house for the gondy?

Snow King backers cannot move as quickly as they did on the Rafferty lift replacement and alpine coaster.  Those projects weren’t required to go through the full Forest Service NEPA review which became controversial.  The timeline outlined today sends a plan to the Forest Service this spring with two years of study and implementation starting in 2018.  I get the sense the gondola/summit building (and associated revenue) will come before any expansion to the east.  Mr. Chapman really wants to build that planetarium.

Learn more about the project at

4 thoughts on “Snow King Outlines Gondola & More

  1. Benjamin Bartz December 11, 2015 / 8:55 pm

    Anyone know the thinking behind not proposing a full summit lift on the eastern side? Seems like having a base to summit lift on that side would really improve their skiing offerings, especially since they appear to be cutting glades on that side of the upper mountain anyway.


    • Shane December 27, 2015 / 9:40 pm

      Burns and Smithers already bulldozed enough and killed quite a bit of soul. An East Expansion would be very controversial, its a joke that has a slight chance to become a nightmare, thanks to Max Chapman’s unlimited funds and connections to the BTNF/USFS. Snow King still can’t even build a jump. Ryan Stanley needs to resign immediately, and we need a volunteer board of directors for this public private partnership. SKMR is a private company and a deadbeat employer, and they will need a new reputation. Snow King is not a community hill, and hasn’t been since 1971, when the Hotel was built.

      Go walk the flagged out roads and then you’ll figure out why there shouldn’t be high speed bikers, novice skiers, and oblivious tourists in the area. Look out for carcasses and go enjoy your public land.


  2. Skier72 April 4, 2020 / 12:24 am

    I like the gondola with 1960s Riblet towers.


  3. Utah Powder Skier September 18, 2020 / 11:24 am

    “Modern gondola” with 1960s Riblet towers, Mueller 4 person gondola cabins with a weird hanger arms. Also, with that sort of carrier spacing and weight, those 2 little sheaves on that tower probably wouldn’t hold up very well.


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