Sunday River Delays Spruce Replacement Until 2017

Things were looking up Aug. 18th, when Sunday River proclaimed “Make Spruce Great Again,” announcing a brand new Spruce Peak triple would be installed as soon as possible to replace the Borvig triple that was heavily damaged in a July foundation failure.  I was optimistic that the announced $2.1 million Doppelmayr triple could be built this fall and open sometime after Christmas.  Unfortunately, yesterday Sunday River revealed that a new lift will not be built until at least next summer, leaving the top portion of Spruce Peak without lift service for the coming winter.

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A number of factors led to the setback.  Doppelmayr already had a busy construction season building 17 lifts in the US and Canada this year.  The old lift could not be torn down until the accident could be investigated and MountainGuard could complete its claims process.  Complicating things further, CNL Lifestyle Properties wants out of the ski business, has listed Sunday River for sale and is unlikely to want to invest in capital improvements.  In a letter to pass holders, Sunday River said engineering for the new lift is complete and manufacturing could begin soon but, “decisions from our insurance carrier and commitment from our financial partners” are holding things up.  As reported this weekend, the old Spruce lift is still standing two and a half months after the incident, minus the last tower and top terminal that fell over.

In addition to Spruce, Sunday River will replace the top terminal of the Locke Mountain triple which is of similar design.  The upper portion of Locke Mountain typically opens around Halloween with the first lift-served skiing in the East.  Unfortunately the terminal replacement project means that Locke Mountain will not open until at least Thanksgiving. Instead, Sunday River will attempt to open the much longer Aurora quad as soon as possible.  Even though there will be no lift to the summit of Spruce Peak this year, the trails will remain open for those want to hike and may even get snowmaking and grooming.  Chairs have been removed from the Locke Mountain triple in preparation for the new terminal installation.  A contractor (likely SkyTrans of nearby Contoocook, New Hampshire) will remove the Spruce equipment before the start of the season so it is not a hazard to skiers.

While these developments are disappointing, Sunday River’s release notes, “We remain committed to a new Spruce Peak Triple and will keep you updated on when construction for this new lift will start.”  As the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and Boyne Resorts cannot risk another Borvig lift failure in Maine.

4 thoughts on “Sunday River Delays Spruce Replacement Until 2017

  1. Alan September 22, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    “Boyne Resorts cannot risk another Borvig lift failure in Maine”… Sugarloaf still has a number of Borvig lifts, a couple of which were installed in the mid-80s and some about 10 years to both sides of that. I’d be curious as to Sugarloaf’s thoughts about these lifts. Anyone have any info?


  2. julestheshiba September 26, 2016 / 11:00 am

    I loved the way spruce peak looked with its new paint. It is sad that Borvig lifts have problems, they are really cool lifts.


  3. d September 26, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    it’s not the lift’s issue – it was an installation issue – grout failure, not lift failure.


    • Doppelmayr FTW! September 26, 2016 / 1:36 pm

      the lifts have issues though. for example crossarms are poorly secured as we saw at timberline, and they cut corners on tower locations for example at the top of a steep incline they would have one tower vs. two so if one derailed, the chairs would hit the ground. this is part of the reason they were so cheap, and in turn why their were so many in the east


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