News Roundup: China

One thought on “News Roundup: China

  1. chocolatkey February 24, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    Video transcript

    Marco Lel (Paramedic): […] Yes, you need to be quite concentrated, because there are people, multiple people, and it’s a chair, it (not sure if they mean the hook or the chair) can get attached to something, so you have to pay very close attention. It’s not the same as transporting things.

    Rick Maurer (Pilot): The difficult part when evacuating cableways is that we have to remove the doors on the helicopter and the “Vertikalreferenz” (vertical evaluation *). I’m not looking straight ahead anymore, but straight down, and have to position the heli like that. We call that Vertikalreferenz*, and with the Rega helicopter, that’s something you don’t do every day like with a commercial transport helicopter.

    *This “Vertikalreferenz” doesn’t really have an English word, and refers to the way the pilot has to position the helicopter while looking downwards. I researched it a little, and it seems that it’s mostly referred to as a bubble window or glass floor, but the guy here is just sticking his head out. See,, (page 40), (page 37)


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