New Quad to Anchor Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor

WWMP_MapProgression will be the name of the game next winter at a reimagined Sunrise base area on the east side of Mt. Bachelor.  Powdr Co. today revealed three new lifts, a remodeled lodge and new parking lot will make up the first Woodward Mountain Park, designed to offer a fun and intuitive learning experience.  Woodward Mountain Parks will eventually come to multiple Powdr resorts, building on the success of the company’s Woodward indoor action sports parks located throughout North America.  At Mt. Bachelor, 70 foot and 300 foot covered carpets will be joined by a 629 foot long Doppelmayr quad chair servicing five new acres below the Sunrise Lodge.

“Woodward is all about stoking passion and I’m excited for our guests to enjoy reimagined on-mountain environments that’ll be fun for every age and ability level,” said John McLeod, president and general manager of Mt. Bachelor in a statement. “The Mt. Bachelor Woodward Mountain Park will debut expanded terrain and new and inclusive experiences that our guests will love. Combined with our significant Sunrise lodge and base area upgrades, we’re transforming the Mt. Bachelor the guest experience for the future.”  Relatedly, Mt. Bachelor will debut a new trail map next winter painted by James Niehues.

Utah-based Powdr is on an epic building blitz.  The Bachelor addition will be the fourth chairlift for the firm this year on top of new lodges at Killington and Lee Canyon, a major snowmaking upgrade at Pico and the all new Woodward Park City ski area.  Last year, Powdr added six lifts at its resorts for an impressive total of ten in two years.

10 thoughts on “New Quad to Anchor Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor

  1. Teddy's Lift World June 18, 2019 / 6:17 am

    This seems like a very cool concept. I can imagine that this quad will be a Doppelmayr Alepenstar that would only run at about 350 FPM.


      • jaytrem June 18, 2019 / 9:26 am

        Ahhh the California Cruiser, by far the slowest lift I’ve ever been on. The day I was there they were running it at a crawl and people were still falling at the top and bottom. By the time we got to the top I could have easily walked up 3 or 4 times (but at least I got a ride on it). Should be better skiers at the Bachelor lift since it’s a park lift, hopefully they can run it at a decent speed.


  2. David June 18, 2019 / 10:22 am

    Bachelor seems like one of the few mountains that doesn’t really need any more major lifts. I guess they could put some on the backside but they don’t need it and I’m sure there would be opposition.


    • Expertterrain June 18, 2019 / 10:27 am

      The most recent thing they added was Cloudchaser which was built like 2 years ago


      • David June 18, 2019 / 10:28 am

        For sure, I guess they can keep adding lower level lifts around the mountain, but it doesn’t seem super necessary


    • A. G. June 18, 2019 / 10:43 am

      True, but Outback probably won’t last much longer. Its an older chain driven model. Other than that, Bachelor is a fantastic place with great lifts.

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      • Donald Reif June 18, 2019 / 10:52 am

        Outback might be due for a high speed six pack upgrade. Or, if they don’t want to go that route, just do what they did to Pine Marten. Pine Marten was also a CLD-260, but in 2006, they replaced the terminals and grips, while retaining all the chairs and towers.


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