Lift Blog’s 100th Post: How Are We Doing?

20,000 views and we're just getting started!
20,000 views and we’re just getting started!

Yesterday saw the 100th post on, four months after starting this project out of off-season boredom.  I can see on my end that readership is increasing every week but I really would like to know who is reading and what types of posts you would like to see more of.  Google tells me that the most popular time for the site is 2:00pm on Tuesdays but they cannot tell me everything.  Please take two minutes to fill out the below survey and let me know your thoughts.  Thanks for the support!

Lift Blog 100 Post Feedback

And for the curious, below are the top five posts to date.  Notice a theme?

  1. Park City’s New Pinecone Gondola
  2. Touring Utah’s Newest Ski Resort
  3. Fly Day in Teton Village
  4. Snow King Rafferty Construction
  5. Park City Quicksilver Gondola August Update