News Roundup: Tower Time

Sugarloaf's oldest lift towers come down. Photo credit: Sugarloaf Mountain Resort
Sugarloaf’s oldest lift towers come down. Photo credit: Sugarloaf Mountain Resort

  • Leitner-Poma identified as possible manufacturer for the Perth Boomerang gondola system in the land down under.  L-P of America in Grand Junction traditionally supplies lifts to Australia and New Zealand rather than Poma’s facilities in France.
  • Pictures and write-up of Leitner’s MioCable, which opened in Colombia’s third largest city last week.
  • Poma announces it is going to build wind turbines.  Fellow HTI Group subsidiary Leitwind already has turbines around the world, including one on Grouse Mountain alongside a bunch of Poma quad lifts.
  • The intro for Stephen Colbert’s new show on CBS features the Roosevelt Island Tram with a different paint scheme nightly!
  • The Banff Gondola, originally built by Bell in 1959, is closing on October 25th for a $26 million redevelopment being billed as North America’s premier mountaintop destination. Garaventa did a major retrofit of the ropeway systems in 1997.  Look for the gondola to re-open May 1st with the building to follow next August.
Banff's new gondola terminal building looks like it's straight out of Europe.
Finally a North American ropeway will get a terminal building worthy of the Alps.

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