News Roundup: Snapped

  • SkyTrans Manufacturing announces the passing of its founder and president, Jerry Pendleton, who began his career with O.D. Hopkins in 1960.
  • John Dalton’s tale of how two brand new lifts survived the Category 5 hurricane in St. Maarten is a must read.
  • A dangling Mammoth Mountain guest escapes a fall from a chair unharmed; lifty who caught her isn’t as lucky.
  • Snowbird’s in-house magazine demystifies how detachable lifts work with a sweet diagram from Doppelmayr and copy from a guy you might have heard of.
  • Hatcher Pass, Alaska moves toward building a SkyTrans triple chair ASAP.
  • Video of a swinging Austrian bubble chair with two skiers struggling to hang on goes viral worldwide.
  • The Hermitage Club comes within days of having its water and sewer services shut off and is still working through other payables.
  • A gondola cabin blew off an outdoor parking rail at Sunday River during last week’s storm and a slew of other lifts suffered damage but are now back in action.
  • 9-year old unharmed after falling 15 feet from a lift at Boyce Park, PA.
  • A three-station gondola is one of ten finalists for a signature attraction in Edmonton, Alberta.  You can vote for it in an online public advisory poll.
  • Fernie’s White Pass lift will be closed for awhile while new bullwheel bearings are sourced and installed.
  • Powerful storm snaps a 30 mm wire rope on Mont Blanc’s iconic panoramic cable car, which was not operating and typically only runs in the summer.
  • Granite Gorge’s sole chairlift has yet to open this season, apparently due to gearbox issues.

6 thoughts on “News Roundup: Snapped

  1. Max Hart January 12, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Here’s the damage report from last week’s storm at Sunday River:
    1. The door to the operator house at the top of the Jordan Bowl Express (1994 Doppelmayr) was blown open, and the entire operator house was frozen
    2. The windows on the summit operator house on the Aurora Quad (1991 Yan) were shattered and the entire operator house also froze.
    3. Apparently the Locke Triple’s summit operator house (new along with the new top terminal installed by Doppelmayr last year) sustained some damage, but I don’t know how bad it was.
    4. The gondola cabins were being removed from the Chondola (2008 Doppelmayr) so that it could run as only a six-pack and not suffer because of the cabin’s windage. A gust of wind caught one of the cabins and blew it down the outdoor parking rail at the top of North Peak. When it got to the U-turn at the end, it swung and fell off.
    5. The Chondola’s operator house also had some interior freezing.
    6. Something also went wrong with the South Ridge Express (1992 Poma), but that seems to happen every few weeks.

    Everything has since been resolved and all lifts are running as normally scheduled.


      • Max Hart January 16, 2018 / 8:57 am

        Looks like there is damage to the top left of the cabin, notably the frame and window. Luckily they have a spare, but unfortunately they voided CWA’s warranty by not building an enclosed parking rail.


  2. Peter Landsman January 12, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    Shout out to the Fernie lift maintenance team. Replacing bullwheel bearings on the summit in January can’t be fun.

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