Top Ten Longest Chairlifts in North America

Lodge lift at The Yellowstone Club is among the world's longest chairlifts.
The Lodge lift at The Yellowstone Club is the 6th longest chairlift in North America at 9,847 feet.

There are 63 chairlifts in the US and Canada that stretch longer than 7,000 feet but only four over 10,000′.  Six of the top ten are in the State of Colorado and all but two are detachable quads.  Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, BC claims the title of the longest fixed-grip chairlift in the world and the only non-detachable among North America’s hundred longest lifts.  A ride on the Burfield Quad takes a painful 21 minutes to go 9,510 feet (and that’s at full speed.)  Below are the top ten longest chairlifts in the US and Canada.

1. Slide Brook Express, Sugarbush, Vermont – 11,012 feet

1995 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad

2. Chile Express, Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico – 10,992 feet

1996 Poma Detachable Quad

3. Sunshine Express, Telluride, Colorado – 10,732 feet

1986 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad

4. Village Express, Snowmass, Colorado – 10,074 feet

2005 Leitner-Poma Detachable Six

5. American Flyer, Copper Mountain, Colorado – 9,907 feet

1986 Poma Detachable Quad

6. Lodge, The Yellowstone Club, Montana – 9,847 feet

1998 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad

7. Two Creeks, Snowmass, Colorado – 9,835 feet

1995 Poma Detachable Quad

8. Summit Express, Buttermilk, Colorado – 9,581 feet

1993 Poma Detachable Quad

9. Burfield Quad, Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia – 9,510 feet

1997 Doppelmayr Fixed-grip Quad

10. Summit Express, Keystone, Colorado – 9,403 feet

1997 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad

Just in case you are curious, the longest triple chair is the Cyclone at Sunrise Park Resort (7,982′) and the longest double chair is Primo at Sunlight Mountain Resort (7,260′.)


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