Instagram Tuesday: Night Sky

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One Wasatch: How Four Lifts Could Link 18,000 Acres

1318848If you’ve never driven over 9,700′¬†Guardsman Pass in the summer, you might not realize just how close Brighton Ski Resort is to the upper reaches of Park City Mountain. In fact, from Brighton’s fire station to the top of the Jupiter lift is less than 7,000 linear feet. It’s this reality and a similar one in Alta’s Grizzly Gulch that¬†makes Ski Utah’s¬†One Wasatch concept tantalizingly close to becoming reality. ¬†But the feeling that the Wasatch just isn’t that big also¬†has environmental groups scrambling to prevent any more of these mountains from becoming ski runs. ¬†The challenge¬†for Save Our Canyons, the Sierra Club and others is that all the land needed to complete One Wasatch is already in the private hands of¬†Royal Street Land Company (owner of Deer Valley,) Iron Mountain Associates (developer of The Colony) and Alta Ski Lifts Co.

one wasatch overview
Only¬†four new lifts, marked in orange, would be needed to connect six ski resorts in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

Over the Pass

I’m convinced Park City and Brighton will be connected first. ¬†Ski Utah calls the two lifts needed for this connection Guardsman A and Guardsman B. ¬†They would rise from a common point adjacent to Guardsman Pass Road between Brighton and Park City’s Jupiter pod on land owned by Royal Street a.k.a. Deer Valley. Operationally, it would make the most sense for CNL/Boyne to build and operate these lifts as part of Brighton. ¬†Guardsman A, which would need approval from UDOT to cross State Route 190, would likely be a detachable¬†quad approximately 4,065′ long with a vertical rise of 740′ ending near the top of Jupiter. ¬†Guardsman B¬†would rise back towards¬†Brighton¬†and¬†be a detachable quad about 3,800′ long with a vertical of 1,235′.

Guardsman A+B
This view shows the two lifts needed to connect Park City Mountain to Brighton. Guardsman A is on the left and Guardsman B on the right.

Royal Street Land Company has a strong interest in completing the Guardsman connection because it now also owns Solitude.  With Guardsman in place, a Deer Valley skier at the top of Lady Morgan Express could ride 4 lifts (Pioneer and Jupiter at Park City, Guardsman B and Milly Express at Brighton) and be at Solitude in less than an hour.  The return trip would be almost as easy РSummit Express to Great Western Express to Guardsman A and Park City Mountain, which already abuts Deer Valley.  Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County would both need to approve the Guardsman lifts before construction could begin.

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Instagram Tuesday: Buried

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Instagram Tuesday: Evac Practice

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Finishing Up in the Snow at Solitude

Finishing up at the drive terminal.
Drive terminal for Solitude’s Summit Express on 11/8/15.

Since I last posted about Solitude’s Summit Express project in September, workers¬†from Solitude and Highlander Lift Services¬†have made a ton of progress, completing 19 towers and the top terminal. ¬†Comm-line is being installed and the haul rope is on a spool at the bottom terminal location. ¬†I say location because the lift doesn’t actually have a bottom terminal¬†yet.¬†¬†Walking up to the summit today, it’s obvious why the top got priority. ¬†Not only is it the drive, the top is also located on a ridge at over 10,000 feet. ¬†These guys are lucking out with the weather to be building terminals¬†in November with just inches of snow on the ground instead of feet. ¬†The bottom terminal¬†will be at 8,690′ in a more accessible spot¬†and should go up quickly. The biggest components for it are already up there and the operator house¬†is installed.

The bottom terminal has a ways to go!
Towers 3-8. The lift line has lots of ups, downs and double fall lines.

The Summit Express is a Doppelmayr detachable quad replacing a¬†double chair which was one of the first twenty lifts CTEC built back in 1982. ¬†The replacement high speed quad’s lift line is completely new and very steep with a bunch of¬†challenging tower locations. ¬†At one point, the lift line crests a ridge and jogs sharply down before continuing up again. ¬†This lift¬†reminds me of Peruvian at Snowbird (which is only a few miles away) with¬†some very steep sections alternating with flat ones.

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Instagram Tuesday: Doppelmayr New & Old

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News Roundup: London’s Gondola

  • The non-profit organization that bought Soldier Mountain in Idaho¬†from Bruce Willis wants out after three years. ¬†Now the¬†entire ski area¬†is for sale for just $149,000¬†(that’s the amount the organization owes its bank.) ¬†Included are two Stadeli double chairs built in 1970 and 1974. ¬†I’ve also heard Soldier has at least one lift from nearby Sun Valley in storage for expansion. ¬†The ski area’s master plan includes four new lifts that we may¬†never see.
  • Doppelmayr and Skidata think they have perfected gondola loading with the “easy boarding gate.” ¬†The system uses multiple ‘pods’ with turnstiles to enter. ¬†Flat screen monitors display how many spaces remain in each pod and guests self-select where to go. As gondola cabins enter the loading area, full pods are assigned to cabins with LED lights directing riders. ¬†I’m sure it¬†works but why would a ski area want to pay¬†hundreds of thousands of dollars¬†to do what a $9 an hour lift operator can do?
  • 22 towers¬†fly at the Hermitage Club, soon to be home to the only 6-person Doppelmayr bubble lift in North America. ¬†Ironically the same helicopter flew towers from the Hermitage Club’s old triple¬†the very next day at West Mountain in New York.
  • Lots of new pictures of Sipapu’s new quad chair¬†and an update on their blog.
  • Drone footage of Crystal Mountain, Michigan’s “Backyard” expansion with eight new runs served by a used CTEC triple chair.
  • Leitner-Poma takes the¬†Facebook¬†plunge.¬† Their counterparts in Europe also have a¬†pretty cool page!
  • Peak Resorts, the¬†fourth largest operator of lifts in North America, secures a $15 million line of credit for “resort development and acquisitions.” ¬†Might we see a new lift at one of their 13 resorts next summer?
Lift towers and terminals have arrived for Solitude's Summit Express. Towers were flown up the hill last Saturday.
Lift tower and terminal components for Solitude’s Summit Express as seen last week. ¬†Towers were flown up the hill on Saturday.

Building Solitude’s Summit Express

It felt like spring at Solitude Mountain Resort, not because of the weather but because the Summit lift replacement project is really just getting underway.  The new Doppelmayr detachable quad is in an entirely new alignment that is extremely rugged.  There was obviously a ton of blasting and dirt work just to get to this point.  Once the Summit Express is complete, Solitude will have four high speed quads and only three fixed-grip lifts left.

Looking down from tower 15.
Looking down from tower 15.

Highlander Lift Services is in charge of this project rather than crews from Doppelmayr or Solitude. ¬†Most of the tower forms are in but I did not see any concrete in the ground. ¬†The top terminal is just a hole and the bottom isn’t much¬†further along. ¬†The lift is going to have around 20 towers and only the crossarms and lifting frames have arrived so far. ¬†Unfortunately it looks like these guys are going to be building a lift in the snow.

Some tower cages are still in the parking lot.
This is all the parts for the new lift that have been delivered.

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Solitude Construction Update

Looking up from the base of Solitude's future Summit Express.
Looking up from the base of Solitude’s future Summit Express.

Deer Valley closed on its purchase of Solitude Mountain Resort in May and announced they would replace the Summit double with a new Doppelmayr detachable quad.  The new Summit will be in a new, longer alignment that is easier to access from Apex Express.  I checked out the progress last week.

IMG_1296 IMG_1303

The old lift is completely removed and stored in the Moonbeam parking lot.  It looks like the Thiokol double will be used elsewhere (the last lift Solitude removed ended up at Canyons Resort.)  Trees are gone from the new lift line and a lot of earth work has been done although nothing has been built yet.  Highlander Ski Lift Services appears to be building the new quad.  With 13 new lifts projects and counting, Doppelmayr is stretched pretty thin.  I did not see any parts for the new lift but I am sure they will be arriving soon.

These two Doppelmayr CTEC towers must be extra from when Moonbeam was moved to Powderhorn.
These two Doppelmayr CTEC towers must be extra from when Moonbeam was moved to Powderhorn.

News Roundup: SkyTrac Gets a Lift

Twin lifts at Solitude, Utah earlier this week.
Twin lifts at Solitude, Utah earlier this week.
  • Pomerelle Mountain near Twin Falls, Idaho announced they will replace their 39-year old SLI double chair with a new SkyTrac triple. ¬†This is SkyTrac’s only publicly announced project for this summer. ¬†Apparently they have another contract for a lift¬†in Arizona. ¬†Leave a comment if you know where.
  • Saddleback, Maine has listed their Rangeley¬†lift for sale for $350,000. ¬†They had previously listed¬†just the drive terminal for $200k.
  • Steamboat’s new master plan including two new six packs approved by Routt County.
  • State of Pennsylvania opens bidding for a new quad chairlift at the troubled Laurel Mountain State Park.
  • Jackson Hole’s new Sweetwater 8-passenger gondola approved by the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
  • Sugarloaf removes the damaged drive terminal for the King Pine lift which rolled back in March¬†to make way for a new Doppelmayr terminal.
  • Group wants to reopen Mt. Ascutney in Vermont. ¬†It’s tough to run a ski resort with no lifts, however. ¬†The mountain’s high speed quad was sold to Crotched Mountain and other lifts went to Pat’s Peak.
  • The Pope rides one of Bolivia’s new Doppelmayr urban gondolas. ¬†The entire line had to be closed until he finished his ride.